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About Me

    Hi, my name is Jackie. Welcome to The Greenest Grass! I am a wife (married for 10 wonderful years!), mom of 2 amazing boys and a black lab, a yoga instructor and a health and wellness educator. Before children, I worked in Finance for many years until I met my husband – at work! Now, I spend my days driving to and from school, taking care of the house, cooking family dinners, and practicing yoga. During all the time in between, I enjoy living life to the fullest, while trying to being as healthy as I can – both physically and mentally. I am always looking to make life’s guilty pleasures a little less guilty. I believe in surrounding yourself with the people and things that bring you happiness. For me, that is delicious, healthy food, yummy drinks. (both mock and not), a cozy, well-decorated home - and of course, my family and friends. My yoga practice has taught me that life is all about balance. There is room for lots of fun and indulgence in life without going too far over the edge. And if you can find the equilibrium that's right for you, you are on the road to happiness! 

    Why The Greenest Grass?

    We’ve all heard the expression…the grass is always greener on the other side. That feeling that if your life were different, it would be better. I've been guilty of feeling this way many times over. ”If I…”, "when we…”, "once everyone...” Sound familiar? The truth is, when you take a moment to pause and look around, you realize that you are on your own amazing journey! Every experience in life teaches you something and gets you one step closer to where you are ultimately meant to be. If you wait to start living until you're where you THINK you should be, you'll never live. Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy the ride – even in the rough patches. Because they are only making me more of who I am destined to be. The same goes for you. And when you can finally take that breath and BE where you are, you will realize that you are in exactly the right place!

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