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Decorating Tips for After the Holidays

Every year, it’s always the same. We spend hours upon hours decorating our houses for the winter holidays, both inside and out. Our yards are full of twinkling lights and pinecones tied with ribbon and bows. The inside is full of trees, stockings, menorahs, snowmen and lots and LOTS of red and green. And then at some point, after the New Year, it all comes down. All of it. What is left is bare, albeit clean. This is usually a welcomed change. No matter how much we love holiday decorating, it’s all very “busy”. It’s always refreshing to take it all down, pack it away and get a fresh start - a clean slate, if you will!

But if you are like me, after a little while (or a couple of days!), it starts to look TOO bare. The corner where the Christmas tree once stood now seems lonely and begging for something to fill it. The mantle that once held the stockings is long and empty. Sure, you have the same knickknacks and furniture you always had. But something is missing. Warmth…beauty…color! You find yourself in a dilemma. “I need to decorate!” But you just took it all down. The last thing you want to do is to fill the house with tons pre-made crafts you picked up from Michael’s. Not that I don’t LOVE Michael’s! But there are subtle ways you can add to your decor that have a big impact and can help to bridge the gap from the Holidays to spring. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up over the year to help you bring your home from bare to beautiful!

1. Fresh flowers - no matter what time of year it is, flowers are always a good idea. They bring life to your home while also adding pops of color here and there. And the options are endless. Visit your local florist or grocer and pick up a bunch or two. I love tulips. They come in a variety of colors to match your mood and are simple in their presentation. But a bouquet of wild flowers is also beautiful. Just go with what appeals to you. But if you want your decor to mesh together well, stick to a color scheme throughout the room.

2. Pillows and throws - my husband tells me I have too many pillows. I say, “Never!” Pillows and throws (or blankets) are easy, relatively inexpensive ways to change to the whole feel of your room. And if you already have throw pillows around the house, all you need to do is buy pillow covers. No need to purchase brand new pillows every time. This will save not only your wallet, but storage space, too. Swap out your old pillow covers for new ones that match the season. In January, I like to decorate with icy blues and pinks. They still maintain the coolness of the season, but are a great stepping stone to the beautiful pastels of spring. And the pinks are perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is right around the corner!

3. Hand Towels - just like pillows, hand towels are such a simple way to change the look and feel of your room with very little effort. You’ve put the Christmas towels away already. There is no need to take out the drab old towels you had last year. Give your kitchen and bathroom a refresh! Here is another opportunity for you to add a splash of color at a very modest cost. I picked up these beautiful towels at Homesense last week and they add the perfect little pop of blue. The color is subtle, but again, we don’t want it to look too busy. It is a powder room, after all!

4. Vases and candles - have you ever gotten a candle as a gift and it just didn’t match your decor? Maybe you put it away in a cabinet or in storage wondering what to do with it? Well now is the time to get out that box and see what candles you have lying around! Chances are, you have one that will match your January color scheme. Vases are the same. I don’t have as many of them lying around, but I do have a few that I rotate throughout the year. If you don’t have the right color already, you can pick one or two up for under $10 at a store like Target or HomeGoods and change the whole mood of your room. And while you are at it, swapping out your soap dispenser or toothbrush holder can add an extra boost of color.

I hope you like these simple techniques you can use to change the decor in your home. Winter isn’t usually a popular time to decorate, but with a few small additions here and there, your home can go from blah to beautiful in minutes!

If you have any decorating tips, please share them in the comments. I would love to hear them!

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