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The Hidden Reason You Might Be Struggling With Weight Loss

Does this sound familiar? You are watching your “diet”, making healthier food choices and cooking lighter recipes but you still aren’t seeing changes on the scale? If so, portion control might be working to take you down! It’s easy to overdo on even the healthiest of foods, causing you to take in excess calories and not lose (or even gain) weight. Fight back with these simple tips to keep your portions in check.

1. Use your hand to control portions:

• Palm = 3 Oz meat or protein

• Fist = 1 cup (pasta, rice, cereal)

• Thumb = 1 Oz (cheese, etc)

• Handful = 1-2 Oz snacks (nuts, seeds)

• Tip of thumb = 1 tbs

• Tip of index finger = 1 tsp

• Front of closed fist = 1/2 cup (fruits and vegetables)

It's easy to use and you always have it with you!

2. Divide Your Plate:

Divide your plate into three sections. One half of your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. A quarter should filled with lean protein and the other quarter filled with complex carbohydrates.

3. Portion Control When Out to Eat/Ordering Out:

At a restaurant, you can order appetizer portions of most of your favorite pasta dishes and salads. If that isn't an option, ask your server for a doggie bag and immediately put half of your plate away for tomorrow. For take-out, immediately put half of your order away for leftovers.

4. Water, water and water...

Always drink water throughout the day to keep your appetite from getting out of control.

I hope these tips are helpful in keeping your portion sizes from growing too large and sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Bookmark this post for an easy guide to keeping your portions in check!

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